What We Did on Our Holidays (Part One)

Over the past near-fortnight, we journeyed to Norway with brief stays in the UK on the way to and from. We landed in Heathrow Airport, and instead of taking the usual Heathrow Express, we took the London Underground (a.k.a. the Tube or the subway) which turned out to be longer and a more crowded ride (it was rush hour after all), but definitely less expensive.

London's an Ansible Town
DevOps in the London Underground!
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Kånken You Believe It?

I learned the hard way that the foam pad included with the Fjällräven Kånken backpack is not packing material, but is a combination seat pad and “shape-holder.” After having tossed a couple of those pads and learning that the local Fjällräven shop (a) gets a lot of inquiries from folks like myself who chuck those pads and (b) does not stock replacement pads, I ordered this foam sheet roll and crafted replacements for our Kånken backpacks.

The foam sheet is a bit thicker than the OEM pads, so a bit of creative trimming is required, but it’s a small price to pay for a lesson learned!

What We Did on Our Holidays (Did They Ever Get Back Home?)

Two weeks is a long time to be away from home (“Tell that to the dog!” said Wanda the Wonder-mutt who spent our vacation in boarding… “Unfair!”), and while we weren’t totally champing at the bit to get back to Oregon, we were definitely looking forward to couch-time with Wanda and other homey delights. But, the journey back can and should be as interesting as the rest of the trip!

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What We Did on Our Holidays (Part Four)

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Holy crap, how long were you guys gone for?” As mentioned at the outset, it was about a two week trip, and recounting it even in the format of a blog post has turned out to be a bit of a task. Traditionally folks often kept a “travel diary,” but with tech being tech, I’d been relying on smartphone camera roll-assisted wetware as my notes. So thanks for reading this far, and we definitely are well past the midway point.

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What We Did on Our Holidays (Part Three)

It’s a bit over 300 miles from Bergen to Oslo. We’d originally considered renting a car and driving, but the winding roads through the mountains and the high cost of a one-way rental nudged us into buying train tickets. “Surely that’s gotta be easier than driving ourselves, and we’ll be seeing more scenery than if we were flying!” we said to ourselves.

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