You’re Living in Your Own (Virtual) Private Network

Using a VPN used to be the sort of badge of honor indicating that you did something important enough for your corporate overlords to grant you access to the company network through the magick Cisco tunnel (yeah, so you’re having to sling pivot tables off the office file server over the weekend, but hey, you dontcha feel special?!). Now, especially with the net neutrality repeal, everyone’s getting a VPN, and it’s not just to stream BBC’s iPlayer from the States. Continue reading “You’re Living in Your Own (Virtual) Private Network”

Example Cosmetic Surgery

The website of an imaginary cosmetic surgery practice for InboundRx to demonstrate the marketing of both the clinic and Inmode’s Fractora laser skin treatment equipment. By this point, the customization of a client brochure site template and its subsequent launch on Amazon AWS is pretty much routine. What made this particular deployment a bit more interesting is the configuration of Git and SSH to enable direct production code push from the Cloud 9 IDE to the AWS EC2 instance. It does take a tiny bit more upfront work, but I’m finding that subsequent code changes are significantly simpler to roll out!

Built with WordPress (PHP, CSS, MySQL, etc), launched on AWS EC2 with SSH and Git, secured with Let’s Encrypt and Certbot.

Live Site:


Four Pharmacies in Four States, Four Websites in Eight Days

Over the past week or so, I got to launch four websites for InboundRx: Gore Drug (Oklahoma), Bernie’s Pharmacy (Alaska), Medical Center Pharmacy (Texas), and Capitol Pharmacy (California). The deployment process involved the creation of a development site for each client on a Cloud 9 work space, on which I customize the WordPress theme via making code changes to the template PHP and CSS files while InboundRx’s designer and copywriter would populate the site’s content.
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Let’s Encrypt? Sure, Why Not?

The question “Would you put your credit card info on a website that doesn’t have the love green padlock?” should elicit the same vehemently negative response as “Would you wade through a pool of piranhas without wearing chainmail?” Admittedly an SSL certificate isn’t the be all end all of safe browsing, but it’s a rather visible baseline indicator of how seriously the site owner takes security. It’s like what a friend told me about OSHA inspectors: they look for bad housekeeping and a sloppy work area, as they’re indicative of much bigger problems.

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Marketing Automation and a Cluster of Cloud Services

Getting Over the Hump: the Mautic dashboard.

I’d first heard of Mautic on the first day of my internship with InboundRx (and truth be told that’s the first time I’d heard of marketing automation – I’ve worked with web analytics and email marketing campaigns, but the idea of setting stages and points for your participants and having software facilitate the process flow was something that lay outside my loop until then). The idea was to use this as an alternative to Hubspot which is regarded as the proverbial Cadillac of such services (with features and price tag to go with that), and we were tasked with customizing this open source tool with modified branding and launching an instance of it on the cloud.
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Capitol Drugs

With two locations in the Los Angeles area, Capitol Drugs is an independent pharmacy that offers a portfolio of conventional and holistic therapies. In a scenario that pretty much is a replay of the Paulsen’s Pharmacy website story, I had to “cat flap” my way into restoring full administrator access to this site in order to (a) help with making design/CSS tweaks for the Sample Saturday promotional campaign and (b) extract the WordPress custom theme files for use with future InboundRx clients wishing to use this design as the basis for their sites.

Live site:

InboundRx Website

InboundRx is a marketing agency focused on helping independent pharmacies and other healthcare practices. Starting from a set of mockups created by InboundRx’s Director of Design in Adobe Illustrator, I’d created a WordPress custom theme, based on’s Sage starter theme. Making use of Bootstrap 4 and SASS, I’d created the Bosch (named for its triptych/three-panel layout) theme which was then further customized for InboundRx’s new website.
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Paulsen’s Pharmacy

To circuitously paraphrase Eddie Izzard, we Americans don’t have much history (as opposed to Europe, where all the history comes from, and there’s a castle at every street corner), so when a local pharmacy has been around long enough to require three digits to count its age, it’s definitely worth noticing. And that’s Paulsen’s Pharmacy – situated just down the road from where we live in the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.
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A Box Full of Ghosts?

A selection of songs, sounds, and atmospheres originally curated by the hauntological geniuses at Ghost Box Records. A slightly different version was broadcast as yesterday’s edition of ‘Turtles Have Short Legs’ on Freeform Portland. In order of appearance:

John Foxx and The Belbury Circle – Almost There
Belbury Poly – Farmer’s Angle
Jon Brooks and Sean O’Hagan – Mulcair
Listening Center – Quotidian Forgotten
Broadcast – Inside Out
Pye Corner Audio with The Advisory Circle – Cloud Control
Hintermass – Are You Watching
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Pulsing River Velvet Phase
The Pattern Forms – Flutewege
Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – Moonling (Long Version)
Pye Corner Audio – Machines are Obsolete
Steve Moore – The Moon Occults Saturn at Dawn
Jonny Trunk – Cardboard Boxford
ToiToiToi – Golden Green
Mount Vernon Arts Lab – The Submariner’s Song
Eric Zann – Threshold
The Advisory Circle – Mind How You Go Now
Roj – Attaining the Third State
The Focus Group – Leaving Through
Mordant Music – Inn Ohm the Lake
The Listening Center with Pye Corner Audio – Town of Tomorrow Today
Belbury Poly and Spacedog – Quiet Industry
The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong in the 60’s – Seasons Change