Router-Rooter: It’s the New Home Plumbing!

What’s Router-Rooter about? It’s about what I do, things I’ve done, stuff I’ve learned, music that I make and play, books I read, and so on.

I make websites and web apps, the words and pictures and sounds that go into these sites and apps, and I also put together the servers and workstations, routers and switches, and the wispy virtual machines in the cloud that run these sites and apps that showcase the words and pictures and sounds.

Projects (a.k.a. The Portfolio!)
Websites, apps, and other portfolio-y bits. A more concise Portfolio can be viewed here.

Things I Learned Today (a.k.a. TILT)
An extended notebook in which I intend to compile moments of enlightenment (or when the brick wall gives way after banging away at it for so long).

Radio and Mixes
We volunteer at Freeform Portland, a low-power FM station in the north part of PDX-land, hosting a two-hour radio show on Saturday afternoons (4-6PM Pacific Time) called Turtles Have Short Legs (a nod to those Krautrock godz Can, and it’s that and more). I also frequently post on Mixcloud.

A collection of miscellany. I’m on holiday from most social media at the moment, and I’m curious to see whether I can redirect the energy dissipated on a force-fed newsfeed into a more private channel, even if it’s whispering into a vacuum.

Other Musics
I also occasionally produce music. Shoegaze/dreampop, ambient drone, a hybrid of the two.