KFFP-LP FM Freeform Portland

Freeform Portland

Freeform Portland (KFFP LP 90.3 FM) is an all-volunteer run low-power FM radio station broadcasting and streaming from a cozy little studio on the north side of PDX (within a stone’s throw of its big sister, Xray FM). I’ve been helping with the maintenance, support, and ongoing development of Freeform’s online apps – website, email, an on-air log, wiki, etc. – doing everything from troubleshooting, account maintenance, domain and email migration, and a bit of coding to boot (e.g., fixing non-functioning stream links, addressing API timeouts from the DJ playlist tool, expanding the on-air log data for royalties reporting).

Built with WordPress and a bit of jQuery to pull DJ playlist info for the radio show pages and for SoundExchange royalties reporting.

Live site: http://www.freeformportland.org/

Repository: https://github.com/freeform-portland/kffp-website

The Safety Zone

The Safety Zone, an Occupational Health & Safety portal

The Safety Zone assists organizations to comply with occupational health and safety regulatory requirements by providing a single point of interaction and access for EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) policies, procedures, materials documentation, and incident report management.

Built with Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, MaterializeCSS, and Adobe Captivate for training content. Created locally with MAMP/WAMP and initially hosted on Pantheon, migrated to a Cloud 9 workspace and deployed on a Digital Ocean Droplet and a Google Cloud Compute Engine Instance.

Live site: www.safety-zone.info

Repository: github.com/eeronomicon/safety-zone

Dinner &

Dinner & (Landing Page)

A Meal Meetup App created as a group project for the Epicodus JavaScript Frameworks curriculum.

Users can organize events (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Potluck, etc.) and invite other users. An opportunity to explore an alternative to Bootstrap, a user authentication mechanism, and a non-Google mapping tool.

Built with Ember.js, Firebase, Semantic UI, Torii, Leaflet, and Font Awesome.

Repository: https://github.com/eeronomicon/dinner-and

Presentation: Dinner & Some Slides


GRENDL / Space Truckin’

Pick a star, any star

An Epicodus group project for the PHP curriculum. Travel the stars, buy low, sell high, and don’t run out of fuel!

In this game, the player travels a star map that is randomly populated with planets of differing trade classifications, buys and sells goods, while maintaining a positive credit balance and a non-empty fuel tank. A humble homage to Traveller, Elite, Tai-Pan, and Firefly/Serenity.

Built with PHP, Silex, Twig, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Live site: https://shrouded-garden-90623.herokuapp.com/

Repository: https://github.com/eeronomicon/grendl

Adroit Partners Website

Adroit Partners Website

The corporate website for a recruiting and placement company in Houston, Texas. The company’s owner worked with a marketing copywriter to create the site’s text content. I then built the site using this content and images selected by the owner.

Built with Drupal 7 on Drupal Gardens and migrated to Bluehost.

Live site: www.adroitpartners.net