I’ve Got a Broken Face… Uh-huh

It started with the rhetorical question, “Hmm, can I play about 40 minutes of Hawkwind on the radio today?” And it went from there. In order of appearance:

Hawkwind “You Shouldn’t Do That”
Hawkwind “Time We Left This World Today”
Hawkwind “D-Rider”
Hawkwind “Magnu”
Colin Andrew Sheffield and James Eck Rippie “Essential Anatomies 4”
Ulver “Riverhead”
Grouper “Headache”
Tears Run Rings “Destroyer”
Andrew Chalk “Spiritual Lanterns”
Slowdive “Star Roving”
Dungen “Kalifen”
J.D. Emmanuel “March of the Colossus”
Zanov “Zephyr”
Gong “A Sprinkling Of Clouds”
Cavern Of Anti-Matter “Acid Death Picnic”
Beak “Backwell”

Grim, Dark, and Cold and So On

Revisiting some of my favorite experimental/ambient/noise-ish releases of the past twelve months. In order of appearance:

Robert Rich “Corvid Collections” (What We Left Behind)
David Newlyn “Chemical” (Linen)
Olivia Block “Dissolution B” (Dissolution)
Wanda Group “The Storm Car Vat” (Ornate Circular)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani “Closed Circuit” (FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy)
Stephen O’Malley “Side A” (Dread Live)
Masami Akita and Eiko Ishibashi “Junglegym” (Kouen Kyoudai)
Lustmord “Subspace” (Dark Matter)
Thomas Koner “Tiento de la Luz 3” (Tiento de la Luz)
Mika Vainio “I could be an old man in front of a service station” (Mannerlaatta)
Nurse With Wound “Astrophytum 7” (Astrophytum)
Svarte Greiner “The Marble” (Moss Garden)
Vril Jäger “Maw Of Kalki” (Vril Jäger)
Teleplasmiste “Radioclast” (Frequency Is The New Ecstasy)

Waves Overhead

Soundscapes dreamy and dark, rougher bits with the smoother stretches, looking up to the waves rolling over your head, and underneath the frozen earth crawls by. In order of appearance:

Marielle V Jakobsons “Undone”
Aidan Baker / N / Dirk Serries “Ritual III”
Urfaust “Meditatum I”
Johann Johannsson “Non-Zero-Sum Game”
Buddha on the Moon “Clockwork Hearts”
Moss Covered Technology “Homeward Shine”
Lustmord “Black Static (Excerpt)”
Continuum “The Continuum Recyclings IV (Excerpt)”
Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield “Circle of Light, Pt. 2 (Excerpt)”
Bethan Kellough “Canopy”
Aethenor “Anais”
Roy Montgomery “Another David Lynch thanks, no ice”
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani “Closed Circuit (Edit)”
Sabled Sun “Project Locus Arcadia”
Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere “Moonish Landscapes”
Kemper Norton “Agnes and Louisa”
Conrad Schnitzler “Oct-80”
Coil “Pre-Original Chaostrophy”
Loscil “Deceiver”
Dreamboat “Aftershock Face To Face”

Dinner &

Dinner & (Landing Page)

A Meal Meetup App created as a group project for the Epicodus JavaScript Frameworks curriculum.

Users can organize events (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Potluck, etc.) and invite other users. An opportunity to explore an alternative to Bootstrap, a user authentication mechanism, and a non-Google mapping tool.

Built with Ember.js, Firebase, Semantic UI, Torii, Leaflet, and Font Awesome.

Repository: https://github.com/eeronomicon/dinner-and

Presentation: Dinner & Some Slides


GRENDL / Space Truckin’

Pick a star, any star

An Epicodus group project for the PHP curriculum. Travel the stars, buy low, sell high, and don’t run out of fuel!

In this game, the player travels a star map that is randomly populated with planets of differing trade classifications, buys and sells goods, while maintaining a positive credit balance and a non-empty fuel tank. A humble homage to Traveller, Elite, Tai-Pan, and Firefly/Serenity.

Built with PHP, Silex, Twig, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Live site: https://shrouded-garden-90623.herokuapp.com/

Repository: https://github.com/eeronomicon/grendl

Adroit Partners Website

Adroit Partners Website

The corporate website for a recruiting and placement company in Houston, Texas. The company’s owner worked with a marketing copywriter to create the site’s text content. I then built the site using this content and images selected by the owner.

Built with Drupal 7 on Drupal Gardens and migrated to Bluehost.

Live site: www.adroitpartners.net